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The Death of Halista (Requires Level I Access - e-mail with a username and password to request access)

It exhibits the dark side of Mr. Francis "Frank" Halas. There are references to various students at MC as well as events and jokes pertaining to the Halas.

Current Status:
9/9 Chapters
13/13 Pages
9/9 Characters

Trent Lott Editorial
No excerpt available

This is an attack on the public's response to Trent Lott's comments at Strom Thurmond's birthday party. For the first time, I break ranks with the liberal media due to my strong feelings on the issue.

Current Status:
1/1 Chapters
2/2 Pages
1/1 Characters

College Essays

University of California at Berkeley:


  1. Hobbes.doc (Thomas Hobbes and The Leviathan)
  2. Paquette Editorial.doc (John Ashcroft and the USA Patriot Act)
  3. Yaksic Convo.doc (Friendships, girlfriends, Brenden Murray, god)
  4. Peoplesyak.doc (The MC tradition, grades, death, immortality)
  5. Buruje.doc (Edmund Burke and Reflections on the Revolution in France)
  6. On the Condition of Humanity.doc (Intelligence, persuasion, and governments)
  7. Pendulum.doc (Contentment, reason, and perspective)
  8. Sonnet.doc (A Shakespearian sonnet about Brenden Murray)
  9. ,aru.doc (A Shakespearian sonnet about love)
  10. Poetry Weekend.doc (A fictional narraive poem)
  11. Morishomework.doc (Why belief in God today is foolish)
  12. Pearl Essay.doc (Analysis of Steinbeck's The Pearl that led to a 4th quarter grade of 100 in Brenden Murray's class)


  1. Vocab.doc
  2. Lavery Application.doc
  3. Lavery Complaint.doc
  4. Lavery Request.doc
  5. Document.doc
  6. Quotes.txt
  7. Afbuydiez.doc
  8. Marlou.doc
  9. A Tiny Rabbit.doc
  10. Bourgeoisie.psd
  11. Loco Social Ladder.psd
  12. Gasparri.doc

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